Lease | Rent Hospital Beds

Lease | Rent Hospital Beds, Stretchers, Gurneys
and Medical Equipment

Looking to lease medical beds and gurneys for a medical convention,
promotional event, medical center or nursing home?

We are able to provide daily and weekly rentals on hospital beds, gurneys,
stretchers and other medical equipment for convention booths, events,
research projects and hospitals looking to add equipment to their
existing inventory for monthly leasing.

We can rent or lease hospital beds and other medical equipment.
Click the link below and start by filling out an online application

Please contact us direct for more information on the items you
need and how long you will need them and we can provide pricing. or contact Gloria at
“Hospital Direct Medical” at 858-263-4894.

Get started on leasing medical equipment including surgical / OR equipment,
color ultrasound equipment, X ray equipment, hospital beds, medical stretchers,
and other medical equipment. Medical equipment leasing application click here 

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