Hospital Beds in Stock

Hospital Beds in Stock Around the USA
Hospital Bed Inventory For Sale

Used Hill Rom and Stryker hospital bed models for sale 858-263-4894

Order refurbished – used Hill Rom and Stryker hospital bed models
for sale 858-263-4894 or at 858-652-1259

Refurbished Hospital Beds for Sale in Stock – San Diego, Chicago and Virginia
** Some Hospital Bed Prices Are “On Sale” while Supplies Last!
Hill Rom 840 Centra Bed = $750* — NOW ON SALE ONLY $550
Hill Rom Century P1400 Bed = $900
Stryker Secure 1 Bed = $900
Hill Rom Advance Bed = $1000* — NOW ON SALE ONLY $800
Stryker “High Low” Bed = $950
Hill Rom Advanta P1600 Bed = $1,200 — NOW ON SALE ONLY $950
Stryker Secure 2 Bed round rail = $1,200 — NOW ON SALE ONLY $1,000
Hill Rom CareAssist ES hospital bed = $2,995.00
Stryker Secure 3 bed with scale and 3 stage bed exit alarm $3995.00
Hill Rom P1900 Treatment Bed with air flow mattress $3,500
Hill Rom TotalCare P1900 Sport 1 Bed with air mattress /
and auto patient rotation module $5,595.00*
Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport 2 Bed with “low air loss” air mattress
and auto rotation and percussion vibration modules $8,500

Find a list of hospital beds for sale at our San Diego,
Virginia and Chicago warehouse. Beds can be shipped
and delivered anywhere in the USA and Canada or shipped
anywhere in the world including Mexico, The Philippines
and other countries.

There are over 3,000 hospital beds coming out of
hospitals and medical centers in the next 90 days.
If you are looking for 10+ MORE BEDS PLEASE
858-263-4894 OR 858-652-1259

We sell Invacare full electric hospital beds for $1095
delivered anywhere in USA with mattress included
for anyone outside our warehouse delivery coverage

Contact us to purchase a bed at 858-731-7278 or
email us at for
more information.

San Diego Hospital Bed Inventory

Stryker Beds
Stryker Secure 1 bed (8) units
Stryker Secure 2 bed (2) units
Stryker Zoom bed (2) units
Stryker Lowboy low beds (1) unit
Stryker LD 304 Birthing bed (4) units

Hill Rom Hospital Beds
Hill Rom 840 Centra beds (30) units in stock
Hill Rom P1400 beds (5) units in stock
Hill Rom Advance Series bed (85) units in stock
Hill Rom TotalCare Treatment bed (1)
Hill Rom TotalCare Sport (10)
Hill Rom TotalCare Sport “Connect 2” beds (4)
Hill Rom CareAssist beds (3) units in stock
Hill Rom Affinity 3 birthing bed (1) unit

Other Bed Manufacturers
Oncare Harmony Low Hospital bed $1,800 each (3) units

* Beds can be purchased one at a time or wholesale
* Contact us for pricing at 858-731-7278 or by email

Chicago Hospital Bed Inventory
Hill Rom 840 Centra bed (10) units
Hill Rom P1400 bed (4) units
Hill Rom Advance Series bed (65) units
Hill Rom Advanta P1600 bed (46) units
Hill Rom TotalCare P1900 bed w/o air (4) units
Hill Rom Versacare P3200 bed w/o air (4) units

Virginia Inventory – Wholesale Only –
Minimum Order 5 units
Hill Rom Advance Series bed 80+ units
Hill Rom Advanta beds (120) units

If you are looking for pricing on hospital beds or need
more information call us at 858-731-7278

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Hospital Beds

*Hospital Bed Dimensions – Size
93 inches long, 40 inches wide, 24 inches high

* 5 function – Full Electric beds

* 110 volt – can be used with 220 volt with a converter
that costs about $15 – type “110 to 220 volt converter”
into Google to find units for sale.

* We only sell manual crank beds new at $500 each – they
do not come out of hospitals anymore – they are too old.

* 60 beds fit in a 40 foot metal high cube container –

* Must be high cube to fit mattresses

* $5,000 is about the cost to ship a 40 foot
container to International ports

* $600 is about the cost to ship one bed around the USA

* Hospital bed delivery costs and set up ranges
from $200 – $300 in areas of Southern California like
San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County and in
The Greater Chicago Illinois area.

* Hospital bed prices range from $500 to $5000 depending
on the bed – prices can be cheaper when bought in large

* Beds are “refurbished” in multiple stages

Stage 1 Refurbishment – Hospital Grade Beds –
These beds are repainted and given new wheels
and parts to ensure another good 3-5 years +
of full service. All plastic stickers replaced, head
and foot boards refurbished and this refurbishing
process includes a 1 year warranty

Stage Two Bed Refurbishment – functionally repaired, tested
and resold – We do the basic repairs to make the beds patient
ready and keep the cost down for locations where low
price and high functionality are important. These beds
come with a standard 30 day warranty and are patient
ready. These are the most popular beds we sell to clients

Questions About Buying Hospital Beds?

Do you have a question about buying a hospital bed?
Email us at for more
information or call us at 858-731-7278.

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Warehouse San Diego
Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Warehouse San Diego – We specialize in Refurbished Hospital Beds from Hill Rom and Stryker

Looking for a Special Model Bed or something you do not see here?

We can source hospital beds by the hundreds direct from hospitals
around the USA and pack them into containers or semi trucks
for domestic or International shipping. Contact us for more
information at 858-731-7278 or at

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Hospital Beds for Sale

Hospital beds, gurneys and transport stretchers for sale including full eelctric hospital beds by Hill Rom including Hill Rom Century beds, Hill Rom Advance beds, Hill Rom Advanta beds, Hill Rom Versacare beds, Stryker Secure I and Secure II beds, Stryker Go Beds, Hill Rom Transtar gurneys and stetchers including refurbished P8000 and P8005 modesl, Stryker big wheel gurneys, x ray stretchers, maternity beds and other hydraulic and electric hospital beds and medical stretchers.