Questions and Answers on Buying a Hospital Bed

Questions and Answers on Buying a Hospital Bed –
What You Should Know Before Making a Hospital Bed Purchase

When buying a hospital bed there are many choices and things to consider
to make sure you get the right bed for the right medical conditions and
needs of the patient.  Below is a list of questions and answers on buying
a medical bed – hospital bed for home use, hospital use, nursing schools
and other related bed needs.

If you have any questions or want to speak to a hospital bed expert
call us at 858-263-4894 or at 858-652-1259 or email questions to

What is the Difference Between Semi a Semi Electric Hospital Bed
and a Full Electric Hospital Bed?
The difference is that a “full electric” hospital bed has a power up and
down feature and a “semi electric” bed has a crank or does not elevate.
Normally full electric hospital beds are needed to raise the patient so
a caregiver can assist with bathing or other types of therapy and treatment
or it will need to rise to help the person to their feet and then lower
to sit down at a comfortable height.

What is the Size of a Hospital Bed?
A standard size hospital bed will have a 36 inch wide sleeping surface
and a 80 inch to 82 inch length. There will normally be a few inches
off the side to account for the rails and a few inches along the head
and foot board so total size is normally about 39 to 40 inches wide
and 90 inches long. A “twin” size bed is 38 inches wide so a hospital
bed is just a little smaller than the “twin”. Hospital beds that go
wider in size than 36 inches are referred to as “bariatric” and those
can range from 38 inch, 42 inch, 48 inch and some as wide as 52 inches
with a larger weight capacity also. As far as the length of the bed goes
there are several Hill Rom and stryker bed models that will extend
to 88 inches long and have an “extender” feature than lengthens
the sleeping surface. Some of these bed models include the Stryker
“Epic 2”, the Hill Rom P3200 “Versacare” and the Hill Rom “CareAssist ES” 

What is the Weight Limit for a Hospital Bed?
Most Hill Rom and Stryker hospital beds have a 500 pound weight
capacity and other models like Invacare, Drive and residential
grade beds have a 400 pound weight capacity. every residential bed
model from Drive and Invacare can have a different weight limit
so it is best to check first before making a purchase. It is recommended
that heavier patients of 300 pounds or more sleep on a solid metal
bed pan and not a spring bed pan for Invacare and drive beds if
this is a long term care situation and a not temporary bed care need.

Do You Accept Medicare, Medical, Blue Cross or Other Types of Insurance?
We do not accept insurance and normally the client will need to purchase
the bed and then file to get reimbursed by the insurance provider. Most
insurance patients receive a “semi electric” bed from insurance and if you
want or need a full electric bed you will normally need to get a doctor
prescription to show an actual need for a full electric hospital bed or a
bed with an air mattress system to prevent or treat bed sores, skin ulcers
and other types of wound management. This is for information purposes
only and is a general guide and answer so make sure to check with your
current insurance provider to find out their policy for issuing payments
for hospital beds and what they require to get a hospital bed upgrade.

Is it Better to Buy a Hospital Bed or Rent a Hospital Bed?
The main thing to ask is “how long do I need the hospital bed for”?
Normally if it is  a short term need less than 2 months it may be better
to rent a hospital bed. We carry Hill Rom Centra hospital beds and sell
them for $550 and that is normally about the cost of renting a bed
for 2 months or less. A Hill Rom bed is a commercial grade bed use
in hospitals and after 2 months of service you make actually be saving
money by buying a bed and not renting. The other thing to consider
is the needs of the patient. Most hospital bed rentals are a spring bed
pan and they may not be suitable for patients with back problems
or patients of larger stature that may sink into the springs. Every
patient and need is different so check with a doctor or call us if you
need advice on what type of bed may be best for you.

What is the Cost / Price of a Hospital Bed?
Hospital beds start in price from around $550 to $600 dollars for used
and refurbished Hill Rom and Stryker bed models including the
Hill Rom Century and Centra beds and around $700 for a brand new
Invacare 5410 model or Drive hospital bed on go up from there depending
on the model and how new the refurbished bed is and what options it
may offer like a “low air loss” mattress system.. Each bed will be full electric
and have a different rail system and options but that is normally a starting
price for refurbished Hill Rom and Stryker hospital beds and new Invacare
and Drive bed models. Hospital beds can get more expensive with air
mattress beds – also referred to as “ICU” or Intensive Care beds which
prevent and treat bed sores, skin ulcers and other related ailments.
call us at 858-263-4894 or at 858-652-1259 to discuss options and
prices on other bed models or visit for
other bed models available. Once you have set a budget for buying a
hospital bed it is easier to pick out the best bed for your needs and
price range.

What is a “Med-Surge” Hospital Bed?
A  “med-surg” hospital bed is the name of a full electric medical bed
used in hospitals that takes care of the general needs of most patients.
A hospital will normally have about 90% of the beds classified as
“med-surg” and the remaining beds will be Intensive care beds
otherwise known as “ICU”. One of the most popular med-surg hospital
bed models is the Stryker secure 2 bed namely because it comes
with a bed exit alarm and other features like a scale that hospitals
will use when taking care of a patient in a medical facility. These
med-surg beds will have a foam mattress and are known to be very
durable and long lasting. Other “med-surg” bed models would
include the Hill Rom P1600 Advanta bed and the Hill Rom P3200
Versacare hospital bed.  “Med-surg” is normally a term referred to
for beds at hospitals and medical centers.

What is an “ICU” or Intensive Care Hospital Bed?
An “ICU” bed is a hospital bed with an air mattress system built
into the bed frame and part of the actual bed system. The most common
“ICU” bed is the Hill Rom TotalCare Treatment bed and the Hill Rom TotalCare
Sport bed models. These beds can sit into a full chair position and the benefits
with this model include the ability for the mattress to conform to the bed
shape by inflating and deflating air bladders throughout the mattress system.
By having the mattress connected to the bed frame it allows greater movement
and many times is much more effective for getting air into the bed faster
than a “replacement air mattress” since it has more connection ports to
work with. The Hill Rom P1900 Treatment bed has 6 connection ports from
the bed to the mattress and the Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport bed has 16
connection ports making it very effective for inflating and deflating when
the patient or bed moves. The air mattress systems for “ICU” beds are set
up to take care of patients who are somewhat or completely immobile and
this type of mattress is used to prevent the development of bed sores and
skin ulcers which can arise from a patient not moving or getting out of bed.

What is the Best Hospital Bed for My Needs or That of a Family Member?
That question will be different for each patient and each medical situation.
The best thing to do is to call a hospital bed expert at our office and have
us go through the choices and selection available depending on your
needs and budget. Since we ship hospital beds from our San Diego hospital
bed warehouse and warehouses in Chicago and Virginia we can select the
best bed and also the one that will be the easiest and cheapest price to ship
or pick up. Call us with any questions at 858-263-4894 or at 858-652-1259
to see what hospital beds are in stock and what bed might be best for you.
You can also email us at We can deliver
hospital bed in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles or ship them
anywhere in the USA, Canada, Mexico, The Philippines and around the world.

What Hospital Bed Models Treat Bed sores, Skin Ulcers and Pressure Wounds?
The bed models that treat bed sores and skin ulcers are normally bed models
with an air mattress system. Our most popular hospital bed models at
the Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Treatment bed and the Hill Rom P1900
TotalCare Sport bed. Both hospital beds have an air mattress system built
into the frame of the bed. More on these hospital bed models at the link below.

We sell used, refurbished and reconditioned hospital beds by hundreds
around the United states and the world and also buy and purchase hospital
beds from some of the largest hospitals and medical centers in the USA.

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Hill Rom Hospital Bed Prices Used Refurbished Bed Models in Stock

Hill Rom Hospital Bed Prices for Used / Refurbished Bed Models
For Quantities of 5 Bed Units or Less – Contact Us for Bed Pricing
of 5 or More Hospital Beds

Looking for a used or refurbished Hill Rom brand
hospital bed and Prices? We carry a wide selection of medical
beds manufactured by Hill Rom sold refurbished
to hospitals, medical – surgery centers, nursing schools,
nursing homes, convalescent homes and residential
homes around the United States and Canada.

Get pricing for current Hill Rom bed models below and
order 5 or more bed units and get reduced bed pricing
for bulk orders. Call for bed orders of 6 or more beds
at 858-263-4894 or 858-652-1259 or email us at –

Hill Rom Bed Prices Below

Used Hill Rom hospital bed models and pricing from bed dealer 858-263-4894
Used Hill Rom hospital bed models and pricing from bed dealer 858-263-4894
Used Hill Rom Hospital Bed Pricing Sheet for Refurbished
Hill Rom Hospital Bed Models with 90 Day Parts Warranty
Refurbished Hill Rom Hospital Bed Prices
Beds shipped from San Diego, Chicago and Virginia

Hill Rom 840 Centra Bed = $750*Hill Rom 850 and 852 Century Bed = $850
Hill Rom Century P1400 Bed = $900
Hill Rom Advance 1000 Series Bed = $1000*
Hill Rom Advanta P1600 Bed = $1,200
Hill Rom P3200 Versacare Bed $2,200
Hill Rom CareAssist ES hospital bed = $2,995.00
Hill Rom P1900 Treatment Bed with air flow mattress $3,500
Hill Rom TotalCare P1900 Sport 1 Bed with air mattress /
and auto patient rotation module $5,595.00*
Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport 2 Bed with “low air loss” air mattress
and auto rotation and percussion vibration modules $8,500

Used Hill-Rom hospital bed models for sale 858-263-4894
Used Hill-Rom hospital bed models for sale 858-263-4894

How Do Hill Rom Hospital Bed Prices Compare to Other Hospital
Bed Brands and Bed Manufacturers? 

Used Hill Rom beds offer some of the best valued bed products
for the price considering they are commercial grade beds with
full sets of patient controls on the inside of each rail allowing
patient to easily access bed functions. These beds are some
of the most durable beds made and most weigh between
400 to 600 pounds with solid steel bed frames. Prices
for new beds made for home use are often the same but
the features like a “chair position” and “Trendelenburg”
physical therapy features show how you can get more for
your money with other beds priced at the same amount.

For more pricing and current Hill Rom bed models
visit our hospital bed store showroom or call us
at 858-263-4894 or 858-652-1259 or email us with
Hill Rom bed pricing questions at:

Hill-Rom hospital bed models for sale and pricing call us at 858-263-4894
Hill-Rom hospital bed models for sale and pricing call us at 858-263-4894

About Hill Rom Brand Hospital Beds
Hill Rom” is a premier hospital bed manufacture in the
United States and their bed models are known to be reliable
and durable. These hospital beds come out of service in
hospitals and are refurbished and  resold to hospitals,
nursing homes, convalescent homes, nursing schools,
homes and International hospitals all over the world.

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. sells all models of used
and refurbished Hill Rom hospital beds and ships them all
over the United States and the world. Our Hill Rom hospital
bed refurbishing warehouse has certified bed technicians
who get the beds ready for patient use in hospitals, medical
centers and homes around the United States, Canada,
Mexico and the world. Contact us for Hill Rom bed prices
and availability at 858-263-4894 or 858-652-1259 or
email us at

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